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Telephones and international calls

Telephone services are available through home phones, public pay phones, and mobile phones. Public pay phones are usually located near a train station or a store and can be used with 10 yen coins, 100 yen coins or prepaid telephone cards. Telephone cards are available at station kiosks and convenience stores.

Installing a new phone line

If you wish to install a new telephone line at your home, call NTT at 116. Valid identification to prove your current address (your passport, resident card, driver's license, etc.) is required for the application. You may choose from different phone services, such as IP phone and hikari (fiber-optic) phone, depending on the availability in your area. Services may also be provided by other telephone companies than NTT. To learn about available phone services, call each phone company for details.

Mobile phone

Mobile phone services are available in most areas of Japan. There are several mobile phone companies; contact each company for details of their services.

How to pay a phone bill

Once you receive a phone bill, pay it by the due date at nearby NTT offices and service counters, banks, post offices, or convenience stores. Automatic debit payment from your bank account and credit card payment are also available.

How to make an international call

You may make an international call directly from your home phone, mobile phone or a public pay phone. The rate system, calling process, and countries/regions you can call are different for each international telephone service you may use. If you wish to make an international call from a public phone, look for a gray-colored phone marked "International & Domestic."

Numbers for NTT services
* No area code necessary; in Japanese only
TEL 116 → To notify of your moving, to apply for a new phone service, to inquire about telephone services
TEL 113 → Telephone repairs
TEL 114 → "Busy-signal" inquiry: call to see if the busy number you are trying to reach is actually engaged or out of service
TEL 115 → Telegram service (Toll number)
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