The Tokyo Youth Comprehensive Consultation Center "Wakanabi α" has commenced face-to-face English, Chinese and Korean language consultations

"Wakanabi α" is a consultation service for young people. Whether it is concerns about relationships or work issues, or worries about securing employment or the future, "Wakanabi α" can help individuals and their families in any number of ways. Please feel free to contact them. Based on the content of such consultations, "Wakanabi α" can then refer young people to the best places to seek further assistance.

("Wakanabi α" is a free consultation service for young Tokyo residents and their families)
  1. The days on which the consultations in the different languages are conducted are fixed. Thus, using the website listed below, please confirm the availability of your preferred language.
  2. All consultations are by appointment. Please apply for a consultation appointment using the mail form found on the website listed below.
  3. After your application for a consultation has been confirmed, somebody from “Wakanabi α” will contact you by email advising you of the time and place of your appointment.

■"Wakanabi α" Website:

  • Applications for consultation appointments are accepted 24-hours a day.
  • All consultations are conducted in Shinjuku.

The Tokyo Youth Comprehensive Consultation Center "Wakanabi α"

  • Tel: 03-3267-0808 (Japanese language only)
  • Consultations are offered to young people and their families, etc.
  • Languages: English, Chinese, Korean
  • Please apply for a consultation using the mail form on the website listed above.

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