Meguro International Friendship Association (MIFA)

The Meguro International Friendship Association (MIFA) conducts a range of activities along with local volunteers to ensure that foreign residents can live comfortably in Meguro City. These are activities that both foreign and Japanese residents can participate in, and they include a Japanese Conversation Salon, home visit, ikebana (flower arrangement) and chanoyu (tea ceremony) events, cooking classes, an International Exchange Festival that is planned and managed by volunteers, and occasions where volunteer interpreters and translators can actively utilize their language skills. Why not also become a member and participate in MIFA's activities?

"Japanese Conversation Salon"
held at the Association's office
Address 〒153-0051
Meguro City General Office, Bekkan Bldg. Fifth Floor, 2-19-15 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Access * Please refrain from using automobiles and instead use public transportation.
By train or subway:
5 minute walk from Nakameguro Sta. (Tokyu Toyoko Line, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)
By Tokyu Bus:
●(Shibuya 71)Shibuya Sta. - Senzoku Sta., 1 minute walk from "Meguro Sogo Chosha Mae"
●(Ebisu 32)Ebisu Sta. - Yoga Sta., 1 minute walk from "Meguro Sogo Chosha Mae"
●(Shibuya41)Shibuya Sta. - Oimachi Sta., 5 minute walk from "Nakameguro Station".
●(Meguro 09)Meguro Sta. - Nozawa Ryuunji, 5 minute walk from "Nakameguro Station".
* Using the "East Entrance"(Higashi-guchi) of the building facing Komazawa Street is most convenient for visiting MIFA.
Tel 03-3715-4671 (also offers special events)
Open 8:30~17:00 The Secretariat is closed on Saturdays and Sundays (except for occasional special events)
Fax 03-3715-4672
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Home visit
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  • Studying Japanese language
  • International community programs
  • Other support services for foreign residents

Tokyo International Communication Committee

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