August 2020

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"Disaster Preparedness Tokyo App" is useful for everyday preparation and when you suddenly may need it

Disaster Preparedness Tokyo App
Tokyo Metropolitan Government

The Disaster Preparedness Tokyo App is the official disaster prevention app of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, which is based on three concepts: Play, Learn, and Use. It is composed of three modes: Disaster Preparedness Tokyo mode, Disaster Readiness Guide mode, and Disaster Mode based on two disaster prevention books produced by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

The Disaster Preparedness Tokyo and Disaster Readiness Guide modes are full of content that makes it fun to learn about disaster prevention through quizzes and simulations. Together with a familiar character in the disaster prevention book, you can acquire the basics of the actions you need to take in the event of a disaster and the preventive measures you can implement in your daily life.

Also, the Disaster Mode is equipped with many features that will assist you in times of a disaster, such as evacuation information and disaster information for your registered area, as well as offering a safety confirmation, emergency buzzers, and offline maps that you can view when you are not connected to a network, by downloading them in advance.

The app supports five languages: Japanese, English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), and Korean. However, some content is available only in Japanese. Download the Disaster Preparedness Tokyo App right away to be prepared because you never know when a disaster could strike!

*The screen design and content are subject to change.

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Disaster Preparedness Tokyo App

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Disaster Preparedness Tokyo App

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Disaster Preparedness Tokyo App
Tokyo Metropolitan Government

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