July 2020

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aileron Easy Japanese News—An Information Distribution Service Using LINE

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aileron co.,ltd.

Aileron Easy Japanese News is an information distribution service using the LINE bot response tool developed by aileron co., ltd., Fnavi, Inc., and Cruzy Japan Co., Ltd. The service started this May in order to provide information necessary for living in Japan in "easy Japanese" that is easy-to-understand for foreigners.

The number of foreigners living in Japan is currently about 2.8 million (as of June 30 2020). Although these foreigners come from many different countries, there is not enough distribution of information to foreign residents in multiple languages. Even now, many foreigners are having trouble due to the insufficient spread of news regarding the response to COVID-19 by the Japanese national government and local governments. That is why aileron Easy Japanese News is working to distribute information on COVID-19 and daily life (money, medical care, work) in Japan.

For example, even if a foreigner incorrectly enters “きゅうふきん” (kyufukin; means “benefit”) in Japanese as “きゅふきん”, the service provides information on “特別定額給付金” (tokubetsu teigaku kyufukin; means “special fixed benefits”), and enables intuitive selection of the desired information from images with captions in easy Japanese. These special features make it possible to find the required information even for foreigners who are not fluent in Japanese.
If you are interested in this service, please scan the following QR code and add the LINE account of aileron co., ltd. as a friend.


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SuMo Japan
aileron co.,ltd.

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