May 2020

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Multicultural Coexistence App “SuMo Japan”

SuMo Japan
University of Tsukuba

Although the number of foreigners living in Japan continues to increase year by year, availability of spaces where they can casually consult with others on issues troubling them, questions they have, and other concerns related to daily life remains lacking. The app introduced in this issue is a question-based bulletin board app called “SuMo Japan” which was created with the goal of improving this situation, and it was launched as a project of the University of Tsukuba's Center for Distance Learning of Japanese Language and Japanese Issues, and GENIO CO., LTD cooperated in its development.

In this question-based bulletin board app, registered users can exchange questions and answers with one another. For example, a foreigner might ask “Are the indoor shoes students wear at elementary school required to be a certain color?” In response, a Japanese or foreigner living in the same area who has the information they need can write an answer. When sending questions and answers, the text can be written in any language. The app is linked to a translation tool and users can put their questions and answers into Japanese or other languages through it. Posts can also include media elements such as audio, video, and images.

This app overcomes barriers such as nationality, gender, and age, and it was developed to contribute to achieving a society that extends a helping hand to anyone who’s having trouble. It’s easy to register using an existing Facebook or Twitter account, so if you’re interested, why not download the app and give it a try? The University of Tsukuba Center for Distance Learning of Japanese and Japanese Issues also provides a variety of other content for foreigners living in Japan. See the official website for details.

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SuMo Japan

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SuMo Japan
University of Tsukuba

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