April 2020

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Handy manual for when you’re having trouble! “Help Card for Foreign Nationals”

The “Help Card for Foreign Nationals” is a handy manual created and distributed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Citizens and Cultural Affairs as a helpful reference for foreigners when they’re having trouble with aspects of life in Tokyo. Even though it folds down into a compact card-sized package, it’s packed with tons of helpful information for emergency and disaster situations.

This information includes the phone numbers for reporting accidents or calling ambulances (110 and 119), what you should do in the event of an earthquake or storm damage, how to use the disaster messaging service, and places you can inquire for assistance, and the card also includes a page for filling in user information such as your name, nationality, and blood type. In addition, the most unique feature of these help cards is a section with phrases you can point to and use to ask for help from Japanese people. This section has Japanese phrases printed in a flipped orientation from their foreign language counterparts so you can hold the card up and communicate face to face with a Japanese person.

There are currently 5 different versions of the cards being distributed. All of them feature Japanese translations of these phrases paired with various foreign languages.

  1. Chinese / Korean / English
  2. Tagalog / Vietnamese
  3. Thai / Nepali
  4. French / Myanmar
  5. Spain / Portuguese

By all means keep one inside your wallet or train pass case so you always have it with you. It’s sure to be helpful in unexpected emergencies!

Download or request a “Help Card for Foreign Nationals” from the page below. (Japanese only)

Tokyo International Communication Committee

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