February 2020

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Free online video course: “Japanese for Job Hunting(for Foreign International Students)”

JAPI and Japan Online School

Although increasing numbers of foreign international students want to find work in Japan, many of them feel confused and uneasy about the unique job hunting process in Japan. This video course, “Japanese for Job Hunting(for Foreign International Students)” was developed to support these students. This streaming online course is free of charge and was developed through the collaboration of the Japan Association for Promotion of Internationalization (JAPI), an organization which conducts career surveys and support initiatives for foreign international students, and Japan Online School Corporation, a pioneer in online Japanese language education.

“I don’t understand the job hunting process in Japan.” “The terminology I hear during job hunting is difficult.” “I’m uneasy about doing a job interview in Japanese.” In response to these kinds of concerns that foreign international students struggle with, an online course consisting of 5 different videos has been launched. This course covers the Japanese language skills needed for situations like company information sessions and interviews while also teaching viewers about the methods used for job hunting in Japan and the distinctive features of the process.

To watch the videos, please visit either OSHIGOTO.COM, JAPI’s media site for international students, or the Japan Online School YouTube channel. On YouTube, subtitles in multiple languages such as Japanese and English are available.

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