November 2019

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Information Website for Vegetarians: Vegewel

Information Website for Vegetarians: Vegewel
Frembassy, Inc.

Vegewel, a site run by Frembassy, Inc., publishes information for vegetarians in two languages, Japanese and English. The ratio of vegetarians in Japan is lower than many other countries worldwide, and many vegetarians and vegans visiting or living in Japan struggle with finding restaurants and ingredients that fit their diets.

In response to these conditions, Vegewel was established in 2016 as a site for sharing information about restaurants where vegetarians of all kinds, including foreign tourists, can eat with peace of mind. The functionality of the site has been expanded since then. The current version features three main elements: "Vegewel Restaurant Guide," a searchable database of restaurants catering to a variety of dietary lifestyles such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and organic foods, "Vegewel Marché," an online shop for plant-based foodstuffs, and "Vegewel Style," an online magazine which posts healthy recipes made with seasonal ingredients, as well as information about new products and events.

Increasing numbers of both Japanese people and foreigners are following special diets for a variety of reasons such as avoiding foods that their bodies don't handle well, allergies, religion, health and beauty, environmental conservation, and animal rights. The Vegewel website was developed with the goal of breaking down dietary barriers, so if you have any kind of food restrictions, please check it out and see for yourself.

*Please see the following website for further details.

>Information Website for Vegetarians: Vegewel
Frembassy, Inc.

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