September 2019

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“Halal Gourmet Japan,” a Search Website and Application for Restaurants Catering to the Needs of Muslims

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Halal Gourmet Japan provides information about restaurants all over Japan that fulfill the requirements of Muslims. Its website and application are useful tools for Muslims in Japan, both those visiting this country as tourists and those living here long-term.

Halal Gourmet Japan can be used to search specific areas and types of cuisine, and it also has options for selecting various detailed conditions such as “halal certified,” “no pork is used at the restaurant,” “there is a Muslim chef on the staff,” and “prayer space is available” using a pictogram. You can also use it to search for vegetarian restaurants.

The application also features a function for searching for Muslim and vegetarian food products. By simply taking a photo of the shelves at a convenience store or supermarket, the application uses the product package labels to check ingredients, determining which products can be eaten by Muslims and vegetarians and indicating the results with a frame.

Here in Japan, it can still be a struggle for Muslims to find safe food options for themselves at present. If you’re looking for a solution for searching for halal food and restaurant options, give Halal Gourmet Japan a try.

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Multilingual Speech Translation Application : Voice Tra
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