June 2019

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Hospital search application: JHG (Japan Hospital Guide)

Hospital search application: JHG (Japan Hospital Guide)

“I want to search for the clinic or hospital closest to me that offers foreign languages services right now!”—JHG (Japan Hospital Guide) is a medical institution search app provided by the Japan Medical Support System for Visitors from Abroad and designed to satisfy the needs of international users.

The primary feature of this App is that it is connected with GPS and displays nearby medical institutions on a map. When you tap a marker on the map or select the name of a medical institution from the list, the app displays details such as examination times, treatment fields, and available languages. Also, by tapping an icon, you can confirm directions to the medical institution and place a direct telephone call.

Furthermore, when the app is started, it displays information on how to receive an examination at medical institutions in Japan and also suggests users to consult nearby drugstores in the case of slight illness or minor injury. And you can search for store information on the Matsumoto Kiyoshi drugstore closest to your current location. The app supports the Japanese, English and Chinese languages. The app was originally developed for international tourists, but it is also extremely useful for foreign residents living in Japan. Be sure to download it just in case you ever encounter an emergency!

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