April 2019

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Minato City information service for foreign residents using multilingual AI chat

Minato City is home to approximately 20,000 foreign residnts from over 130 countries. The city has started a multilingual chat service using AI for automated response to inquiries from foreign residents.

Users simply use Minato Information Board, the Facebook page of the Global Community, Art and Culture Planning Subsection of Minato City, to send messages containing their questions. Some example questions might be “What items should I get ready to prepare for a disaster in advance?” or “How do I throw away my trash?” A system utilizing AI reads the keywords and context contained in questions, analyzes the information required by the user, selects the appropriate response from FAQ, and sends an automated response.

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Also, responses to user questions are provided in a chat format by Guroonya, the original mascot of Minato City. The system supports English and Easy Japanese. In addition to information in eight categories including “Disaster Prevention”, “Trash Disposal”, “Education and Child-Rearing”, “International Activities and Culture”, “Medical and Hospital”, “Various Procedures (Tax, Insurance, Pension) ”, “Sightseeing”, and “Neighborhood Associations”, the chat also provides useful tidbits of knowledge on lifestyle habits unique to Japan, cultural differences, etc.

Conversations between users and Guroonya are accumulated in a database for automatic learning and analysis using AI. This means the Guroonya will become smarter as more and more questions are asked. Even if Guroonya can’t answer your question today, Guroonya might be able to provide an answer if you ask again another day! This service accepts questions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from any location. We encourage foreign residents to use the service for questions ranging from everyday questions to inquiries on administrative information related to daily life.

* Please see the site below for details.

■“Minato City information service for foreign residents using multilingual AI chat” has started

https://www.city.minato.tokyo.jp/kokusaika/aichatservice.html (automated translation available)

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