February 2019

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Videos and Brochures Conveying the Appeal of Musashino City—“Musashino: A Travel Guide,” etc.

Interest in Japan is growing throughout the world due to the upcoming Rugby World Cup Japan 2019 and Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympic Games. In conjunction with these events, the Musashino city created a video and brochure conveying the appeal of the city and its Kichijoji neighborhood. The area features a wide range of cultures such as food, music, nature and anime which are interesting and enjoyable for international visitors.

The appeal of Musashino city is featured in the video “Musashino: A Travel Guide.” In the video, prominent residents introduce the appeal of Musashino city, which is loved by people of all nationalities and ages. Also, the video “10 Unique Things to do in Kichijoji” uses blog articles to help introduce can’t-miss experiences when visiting the appealing neighborhood of Kichijoji.

“10 Unique Things to do in Kichijoji” (right)
©Musashino City

The brochure “Your Guide to Musashino City” features highly-recommended spots in the area of Mitaka, Kichijoji and Musashisakai. Through the brochure, international visitors can learn about the appeal of Musashino city—a city that can be visited and enjoyed countless times.

“Your Guide to Musashino city”
©Musashino City

This project started in 2017 and took about two years to complete. As part of the project, students of Seikei University and Asia University interviewed foreign businesspeople living in Japan and collected attractive pictures. The videos can be viewed on the official YouTube channel of the Musashino city urban tourism corp. They are also available through special articles, Facebook, etc., of Gaijin-pot (gaijinpot.com), a website that is frequently viewed by foreign residents and international visitors to Japan. The brochures are distributed at various places such as stations and hotels in Tokyo.


“MUSASHINO: A TRAVEL GUIDE” 09:44 / with English subtitles
“10 Unique Things to do in Kichijoji” 01:39 / with English subtitles


“Your Guide to Musashino city” Total of 16 pages. Written in both Japanese and English.

※The videos and brochures can been viewed on the following website.

■Musashino City Website “We created a video and brochure conveying the appeal of the city to international visitors.”(automated translation available)


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