January 2019

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Multilingual administrative information video: Living in Toshima City for the First Time - International Student Version -

More than 10% of residents in Toshima City are non-Japanese. The City is home to many foreign students. So the City produced a video that explains 10 themes that are useful in daily life for foreign students who recently arrived in Japan. The video is distributed in 7 languages.

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One feature of this video is that they interviewed foreign students living in Toshima City to find out “things that they want to know now” and “things that they wish they had known before coming to Japan.” Based on these interviews, they decided on themes and create a video. In addition to information on administrative themes such as “Taxes and Health Insurance” and “Healthcare and Insurance,” they included themes which were previously outside the scope of local government—for example, “Guide to Living Expenses” and “Japanese language studies and exchange.” In total, 10 themes are explained in the video using an easy-to-understand conversational format. Another feature of the video is that the actors and actresses are actual foreign students living in Toshima City.

The video is available on YouTube and other video-sharing websites. It can also be accessed from the Toshima City homepage. Since the video is distributed on the internet, it can be viewed before coming to Japan so that prospective students can obtain information in advance.

Living in Toshima City for the First Time - International Student Version –

Themes (1) Tax and Health Insurance (2) Healthcare and Insurance (3) Guide to Living Expenses (4) Toilets (5) Waste (6) Transportation (7) Disaster Preparedness (8) Consultation Desks (9) Japanese language studies and exchange (10) Enjoy Toshima City
Available languages Subtitles in seven language (Easy Japanese, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Nepalese, Korean and Myanmar); includes narration

■Living in Toshima City for the First Time - International Student Version -

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