Read World's Folktales via Online Digital Picture Books
Digital EHON Site is an online collection of folk stories and myths from around the world, which you can read in twelve different languages simply by clicking to flip the pages. Collected and organized by cultural anthropologist Dr. Satoru Mabuchi and the International Digital EHON Association, the website introduces over a hundred stories from Japan and other countries, including an extensive series of folk tales from Hokkaido. The stories are available to read in Japanese, and some of them have also been translated into Chinese, Spanish, Norwegian, German, Swedish, English, Indonesian, Korean, Amis, Italian, or French. Read the Japanese folk story "Urashima Taro" in Spanish, or the Korean fable "Fountain of Youth" in German, and make it a fun opportunity to learn a foreign language of your interest. The website also offers selected stories in the form of audio books, which automatically read the stories to you either in Japanese or English. To download the audio book, click the "音声Voice " button on the homepage of the site and access the list of available stories.
Along with colorful, heart-warming hand-drawn pictures, enjoy traveling around the world through different folk stories that have been cherished by local people.


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