Supporting activities of NGOs and NPOs: e-kokoro !
If you are interested to know more about the problems that our world is facing, or are wanting to do something to help NGOs and NPOs that have been addressing global concerns, visiting "e-kokoro !" on the Internet may be the first action you can take. "e-kokoro ! " is the website that is designed to provide you with various opportunities to support these organizations from your home or office without directly engaging in their activities or fundraisers. "Learn About the World," one of the features of the website, introduces a number of inspiring short articles from world news, organization's activity reports, and interviews, which are written on and categorized by various key topics of global issues such as poverty, AIDS orphans, the environment, etc. You may also register at the site and join its donation program, in which you can collect points and donate an equivalent amount of money by making a purchase at participating online stores or requesting a brochure from various service providers. Registration to become an "e-kokoro !" member is free of charge. Members also choose which organizations to support from a wide range of the organizations' activity themes, such as children, refugees, and human rights. Some organizations may issue a receipt for the donation or send an activity report to their donors.

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