RUTF: A new nutrition supplement that saves starving children in Africa
Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) is a food supplement that has been used in developing countries to improve malnutrition among children. Developed by a French researcher, "Plumpy'nut" is the original and most commonly used RUTF product, which is a pasty mixture mainly of peanut, sugar, and vegetable oil. One package (92 grams) of Plumpy'nut can provide 500 kilocalories of nutrition. Unlike powdered milk that has to be prepared in a clean container with clean water, Plumpy'nut needs no cooking or preparation and can be eaten safely and directly from its aluminum package, thus eliminating the needs of medical supervision. RUTF has been introduced by UNICEF, Medecins Sans Frontieres, and other NGOs, and has successfully treated a number of severely malnourished children in countries such as Sudan and Niger. The next goal of RUTF projects is to reduce the rather costly price of Plumpy'nut (2 - 3 euros or about 250 - 380 yen per kilogram) so that it can be distributed to save more starving children around the world.

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