STAND UP TAKE ACTION Global movement that aims to end poverty and achieve Millennium Development Goals
STAND UP TAKE ACTION is a global campaign designed to inspire people around the world to take action together to help end poverty and achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). From October 17 through 19, people all over the world are invited to join the event and show their support for the movement by simply standing up together and sending out powerful messages to the governments of both developed and developing countries to keep their promises and work towards the eradication of poverty. Last year, about 43.71 million people from 127 countries and regions joined the event, setting a new world record for the Guinness Book. The movement has become well-recognized in Japan, with the last year's participation reaching nearly 50,000 people. As this year marks the halfway point to 2015, the target year for the MDGs to be achieved, the United Nations Information Centre(UNIC) and the campaign committee in Japan that includes several NGOs jointly host the event and call on as many people as possible to join it. In Tokyo, promotional events are held in different locations, including the UN House and JICA Chikyu Hiroba (both in Shibuya). If you would like to be part of the movement, you may go to one of these events or invite your friends to register online as a private group to take action.

Stand Up Japan
main event in Yoyogi Park
Stand Up Japan
at the University of Tokyo

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STAND UP TAKE ACTION 2008 (Japanese text only)
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