New charity program to raise donations through book sales
 "Chabo!" is a new charity program that aims to raise donations through book sales. Ten writers and book authors currently participate in the program, including Ms. Kazuyo Katsuma, an economist and a writer of best-seller books including "Okane-wa Ginko-ni Azukeruna (Do not keep your money in the bank)." When readers buy participating books that are marked with the program's logo, 20 percent of royalty income will be automatically donated by the book's writer to JEN, an NGO which will use the money to support refugees and victims in Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, and other regions for their education and independent lives. Such projects include health education in South Sudan, for example, where the use of contaminated drinking water had caused a huge outbreak of cholera. As of the end of this July, the total amount of donations collected has reached 10,013,766 yen. The list of participating books and stores is available on the program's official website.

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About Chabo! program (information available only in Japanese)
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