A shopping bag made of newspaper sets a new global trend of eco fashion
 As many people in Japan are becoming more aware of global ecological movement, you may have heard of an "eco bag," or a personal shopping bag whose purpose is to reduce the use of plastic store bags. Some of eco bags are even made of recycled, eco-conscious materials, such as fabrics from old umbrellas and koinobori streamers. Among them, the popularly-dubbed "Ito Bag" (Shimanto River newspaper bag), which is made of used newspaper, has been drawing a huge amount of attention both in and outside Japan. Ito Bag was originally created by Masako Ito, a housewife who lives in a small village near the midstream of the Shimanto River. The bags are currently produced and sold by Shimanto Drama, a company operated by local people in Kochi Prefecture. The Ito Bags are made by skillfully folding old newspaper without using scissors and can hold up to a few kilograms. These simple bags, which were born from local lifestyle and long-cherished wisdom, are now globally recognized as a new trend of eco fashion from Japan. About 5,000 bags were already sold to overseas buyers, including museums in New York and Los Angeles and fashion companies in London.

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Ito Bag (only available in Japanese)
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