Japanese Youngsters Bike Through Eritrea to Appeal for AIDS Prevention in Africa
 In May, the 4th Tokyo International Conference on African Development was held in Yokohama City. To encourage interest among Japanese people in international cooperation, especially for AIDS prevention in Africa, two young Japanese activists are planning a bike tour in Eritrea titled "STOP AIDS Bike Tour in Eritrea." Kohei Yamada lived in Malawi as a volunteer worker of the JICA's Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers program and became known as the "most famous Japanese in Malawi" when a song he made to promote AIDS prevention among the locals became a national hit. Mio Yamasaki has been traveling through Japan and many countries in Africa and other part of the world on her bike since 2004 when she was a college student. The two will hold the tour from July 12 through July 21 along with other cyclists from Japan who are willing to support their project. During the tour, Yamada and Yamasaki, as official goodwill ambassadors for Eritrean tourism, hope to meet many people of Eritrea and promote better understanding of AIDS prevention among them. The tour also includes a recording session of an Eritrean version of Yamada's song, "Ndimakukonda," with local musicians.

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