October 2018

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Japan Indonesia Citizens Friendship Festival 2018 in Yoyogi

The "Japan Indonesia Citizens Friendship Festival in Yoyogi" is an event sponsored by the C.P.I.JAPAN, a certified non-profit organization, which will be held over a two-day period from Saturday, October 20th to Sunday, October 21st at Yoyogi Park Events Square.

This festival is being held for the 9th time this year, and it provides a space for deepening the friendship between Japan and Indonesia through a variety of Indonesian cultural experience activities. Participants can enjoy traditional Indonesian dance and ethnic music on the concert stage, and in addition to bands with both Japanese and Indonesian members, ancient Japanese swordplay and Wadaiko drumming groups are scheduled to perform as well. There will also be food stalls selling spicy Indonesian dishes and shop booths selling Indonesian foodstuffs and general goods. Come to the event and enjoy interacting with all of the Indonesian people running the stores as you explore the event space.

2018 marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Indonesia. How about stopping by Yoyogi Park to meet some smiling Indonesian people?


Japan Indonesia Citizens Friendship Festival 2018 in Yoyogi

Date Oct 20th (Sat.) and Oct 21st (Sun.), 2018
Venue Yoyogi Park

Please see the following website for further details.

■ The 9th Japan Indonesia Citizens Friendship Festival 2018 in Yoyogi

http://www.indonesia-festival.com/ (in Japanese only)

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