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ECO EDO Nihonbashi 2018 - Enjoy “Cool Edo” with All Five Senses -

In the past, Nihonbashi was a point on the Five Routes connecting Edo with the rest of Japan. The culture of the Edo period time still survives in the Nihonbashi area, and “ECO EDO Nihonbashi 2018 - Enjoy “Cool Edo” with All Five Senses -” is this year’s iteration of a regular summer festival held here.

The people of Edo period Nihonbashi used lifestyle knowledge and ingenuity to create “Ryo” (cooling sensations), and this “ECO EDO Nihonbashi” exhibition features some of their methods rearranged in modern ways. See cooling sensations with goldfish, paper lanterns, and fireworks. Eat and smell cooling sensations with limited-edition cusine. Wear cooling sensations with yukata, and hear them in the soothing timbre of Japanese wind chimes. At this event, you can experience these uniquely Japanese feelings and enjoy cooling sensations with all five senses.

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This year is the 11th time the annual festival has been held, and in addition to the running tradition of lighting the central road with large goldfish-patterned paper lanterns, called Giant Goldfish Lantern Display, it will also feature digital illumination on the surface of the river simulating the reflection of fireworks, an exhibition called Minamo Fireworks. Also, the Wind-Chime Forest Path is a collection of about 200 Edo-style wind chimes which will be on display for the first time this year. Local Nihonbashi shops will also be serving original menu items with a goldfish motif for the Goldfish Sweets & Bar Walk, an event which was held as part of last year’s festival as well. There is also a popular art aquarium with a dream-like atmosphere, a special boat lit with goldfish paper lanterns for a cooling sensation, and a variety of events such as a goldfish scooping contest will be held. Also, some shops will provide discounts and special services to customers wearing yukata. By all means stop by Nihonbashi this summer and enjoy strolling along the streets in this traditional Japanese clothing.

ECO EDO Nihonbashi 2018 - Enjoy “Cool Edo” with All Five Senses -

Period July 6th (Friday) to September 24th (Monday), 2018
Place Nihonbashi Area

*Please see the following special website for further details:

■ECO EDO Nihonbashi 2018 - Enjoy “Cool Edo” with All Five Senses - special site

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