March 2018

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Hina-Matsuri (Girls' Day Doll Festival) Exhibition – Hanging Dolls and Japanese Incense Culture

Once again this year, to the delight of many visitors the Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo in Shinjuku is putting on a spectacular exhibition of hina-matsuri dolls in celebration of the Girls’ Day Festival!
The annual hina-matsuri exhibition at the Keio Plaza is well-known for a gorgeous display of hanging dolls. This year, the hotel is putting even more effort into the hanging ornaments made from precious antique silk, with a display that features approximately 6,800 hand-sewn pieces. With the dolls on the tiered platforms as its centerpiece, the main lobby that welcomes visitors and offers a wonderful opportunity for photographs. It features a spectacular array of hanging ornaments stretching down some 3.3 metres from the ceiling. You should take this opportunity to witness the wonderful handcrafted dolls which were carefully sewn while praying for the health and growth of girls.

(C) Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

Furthermore, this year’s hina-matsuri at the Keio Plaza shines a light on Japanese incense culture. There are displays that introduce the histories and attractiveness of both topics. There are also events introducing how the hina-matsuri and incense may be enjoyed. Additionally, there are special menus in celebration of the hina-matsuri tradition available at the hotel’s restaurants and lounges. This event offers an excellent opportunity to fully enjoy a spring day while interacting with traditional Japanese culture!

Hina-Matsuri (Girls' Day Doll Festival) Exhibition – Hanging Dolls and Japanese Incense Culture

Dates February 1st (Thursday) to March 29th (Thursday), 2018
*The special hina-matsuri lunch menus are available until March 31st (Sunday).
Venues The 3rd Floor/Main Lobby of the Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo, etc.

*For more details, please refer to the following link:

Hina-Matsuri (Girls' Day Doll Festival) Exhibition page on the Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo website

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