November 2017

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Tokyo’s Ueno, the home of numerous cultural and artistic institutions, is set to host TOKYO SUKI FES, an occasion that shall spread Japan’s artistic culture internationally! When held in Ueno’s Onshi Park last year, SUKI FES welcomed 320,000 visitors in just three days. In light of such a great response, this year’s 2nd TOKYO SUKI FES shall offer a 10-day program. Moreover, the planned exhibitions and events shall not be restricted to the confines of Ueno Onshi Park, rather they shall spill over onto the surrounding city’s streets!

SUKI itself is a broad-ranging Japanese term whose freedom possesses many meanings. On some occasions it might mean the sense of “adulation that is felt towards something of beauty or refinement,” or it might just as easily indicate “the nature of emptiness.” In other contexual settings, SUKI might refer to something whose “bearing is asymmetric,” etc. While keeping such interpretations in mind, the TOKYO SUKI FES has as its axis a conceptualization that was expressed by Okakura Tensin, an art critic and philosopher of the Meiji Period who did much to promote the development of Japan’s modern art. Via works such as “The Book of Tea,” Okakura leveraged the cultural significance of the beverage as a vehicle by which to introduce to international audiences the spiritual groundings of Japan’s cultural and artistic traditions. In paying homage to such sentiments, the TOKYO SUKI FES offers visitors a wide-ranging menu of artistic works, workshops and concerts, etc.

(C) Tokyo Suki Fes

At this year’s event, in addition to “’Ueno Shipyard,’ Creating a Papyrus Boat for Shinobazu Pond,” a collaborative workshop that shall be run by the artist Katsuhiko Hibino, the anthropologist Yousuke Kaifu, and the explorer Jin Ishikawa, there shall be spatial art installments that make use as their backdrop the situational settings offered by both Shinobazu Pond and the area in front of the park’s water fountain. There will also be installments of cutting-edge art including a project to transform the Yanaka area into an artistic spot. That project shall be undertaken through a collaboration between Tokyo University of the Arts and the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts of Paris. So as to fully enjoy an autumn that is to be blessed by art, please relax and join many other visitors at the UENO CULTURAL PARK TOKYO SUKI FES 2017.


Dates November 10th (Friday) to 19th (Sunday)
Locations Ueno Onshi Park (Around Shinobazu Pond and the area in front of the park’s water fountain, etc.), Tokyo National Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, the Yanaka area of Ueno, etc.

*Please refer to the following website for more details (please note that some events shall require applications in advance in order to participate).


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