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Festival/Tokyo 17

© Festival Tokyo Organizing Committee

© Festival Tokyo Organizing Committee

Festival/Tokyo 17, an event that is dedicated to disseminating the attractions of the performing arts from Tokyo throughout the world, is set to run this year from Saturday, September 30th, through until Sunday, November 12th! It is an international festival that centers on Tokyo’s Ikebukuro, which with its many large and small performance spaces, is positioned as the city’s home of the performing arts. On the previous nine occasions when the Festival/Tokyo was held, the event managed to attract in total in excess of 560,000 people as its audience and participants.

On this 10th occasion as well, cutting-edge artists from around the world representing genres as diverse as performance, dance, art and music, etc., will once again gather. With activities such as the unique international joint-production program which will only be seen at this event, opportunities to witness works of performing art set within the city, cooperative projects undertaken by young artists, and occasions designed to encourage the participation of citizens, etc., there will be a great variety of spectacles on display at Festival/Tokyo 17.

With this year’s theme of “Newcomers, Towards a Big Place,” in addition to the 14 performances set out in the program, there will be talks and displays, etc., given on various works. Furthermore, there will also be another twelve performances conducted as part of an additional program. Festival/Tokyo represents Japan’s largest festival of the performing arts during which a great variety of performances shall be given that will extend well beyond national borders, different generations and genres. As an artistic highlight of the autumn season, please come along and experience the attractiveness of the performing arts for yourself.

Festival/Tokyo 17
Period:Saturday, September 30th, through until Sunday, November 12th
Venues: Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Owlspot Theater, Minami Ikebukuro Park, PARADISE AIR, etc.
*Festival/Tokyo 17 is being held as part of the Tokyo Festival 2017

*Please see the following website for more details:
■Festival/Tokyo 17