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Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2017

© Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia.

© Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia.

It is time once again for the “Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia” (SSFF & ASIA), one of the region’s largest celebrations of short-format films! In celebrating the 19th holding of the event, the festival’s theme this year is “cinemaTIC! cinemaTEC!” At six different venues (five in Tokyo and one in Yokohama), from June 1st (Thursday) through to the 25th (Sunday), a series of 250 short-format films will be shown. As the “cream of the crop,” these have been selected from over 9,000 short-format works that were gathered from more than 140 different countries and regions.

Broadly speaking the short-format films featured in the SSFF & ASIA screenings may be enjoyed in one of two ways. There will be a program of screenings for entries that were received from individual countries, as well as the “Special Program” that will feature works related to themes that drew particularly strong interest from around the world. There will also be the “Competition Program” in which entrants shall compete for the top prize in each of the categories. What is more, within each of the categories of the “Competition Program,” there will be the “Official Competition” comprised of the “Official Competition International,” the “Official Competition Asia International,” and the “Official Competition Japan” sub-categories, the winners of which will then compete for the Grand Prix. The winner of that award will then become a candidate to receive a nomination for the short-format film category of the Academy Awards® next year. What is more, the broader “Competition Program” this year will see the establishment of the “Cinematic Tokyo Competition” sub-category, by which the SSFF & ASIA organizers and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will introduce short-format films that highlight the many attractions that Tokyo offers.

Short-format films are cinematic pieces that range from lengths as short as one minute to as long as approximately 30 minutes. Despite their brevity, however, there is a wide variety of subject matter such as drama, animation, and documentaries to be had. Many of the works are rich in a wit and cinematic expression that can only be achieved by the short-format experience.

Except for a few events, most screenings will be free-of-charge. It is suggested that those who are interested in attending refer to the Official Website early-on in the screening program for more information about accessing the various venues, etc. If you find a film that interests you, it is recommended that you book your seat early to avoid any disappointment!

*Please refer to the following website for further details.
■The Official Website of the “Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia”