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Mount Takao Wakaba Matsuri

© Provided by the Tourism Section, Takao City

Provided by the Tourism Section, Takao City

From downtown Tokyo, Mount Takao is well-known as the city’s closest hiking destination. On one hand, the area boasts much history with Yakuo-in Temple whose establishment can be traced back to the Nara Period. On the other, it is a “botanical treasure trove,” with some 1,600 different plant species found in the region. Accordingly, Takao is a popular destination for lovers of history and nature. What is more, the mountain’s attractions are not only appreciated by Tokyo’s citizens. In that Mount Takao has successfully captured 3 stars in the Michelin Green Guide Japon, tourists also flock to the area from throughout Japan and overseas.

When the season changes and new foliage appears, Mount Takao hosts its Wakaba Matsuri (Festival of the Young Leaves). Focusing on the Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays of April and May, this year the festival will be held from April 8th (Saturday) until May 28th (Sunday). During the festival period, numerous events such as concerts and shows shall be staged both in front of the Kiyotaki Cable Car Station and within the grounds of Yakuo-in Temple, etc. There will also be open-air tea ceremonies and presents of eco-friendly bags for visitors. When visiting Mount Takao for a springtime stroll, please come along and enjoy the Wakaba Matsuri.

Note that on the Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays of the festival period, road and carpark congestion in the Mount Takao area is predicted. Thus, visitors are encouraged to avail themselves of public transport.

*Please refer to the following site for further details.
■Official Homepage of the Mount Takao Shopkeepers Association
Wakaba Festival Schedule Japanese only)