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FLOWER DREAM in TOKYO 2017 at Tokyo Big Sight

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Japan’s biggest flower festival, “FLOWER DREAM in TOKYO 2017 at Tokyo Big Sight,” will take place over the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of April! As has been the case since 2011, at this year’s ninth FLOWER DREAM in TOKYO, to help those contributing to the recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, donations from the public will be accepted at the venue, and a percentage of the gate receipts shall be forwarded as relief money to help people in the impacted areas to get their lives back on track. At Tokyo Big Sight, there will also be a special area set aside to introduce the culture of the Tohoku Region, along with sales of specialty goods from each Tohoku prefecture. What is more, companies from the region will also be on hand manning PR booths and stalls that will be selling unique products.

Of the many different events planned, the attention of visitors to FLOWER DREAM in TOKYO 2017 is drawn to the Japan Cup. It is a competition that represents the pinnacle of floral design. The person who wins it will be crowned the number one florist in Japan. This battle will feature contestants who have won regional qualifiers nationwide. They will be joined by individuals who have been recommended to compete by the different floriculture organizations. The top ten finishers from last year’s Japan Cup will also be thrown into the mix. All of them will put their skills on display, and competition for the prize should be fierce!

Furthermore, the largest “Preserved Flower Contest” in Japan will feature members of the public who applied to compete, and another event to watch will be the “HANA Cupid Grand Prix” which will feature florists from shops who are members of the HANA Cupid flower delivery network. These florists will be competing against one another with wonderful bouquets that have been designed to a common theme. What is more, there will also be a “Flower Market” featuring displays and sales of cut flowers, potted plants and seedlings, etc., along with flower design classes for children, etc. Many other events will also allow visitors to come face-to-face with a great variety of different blooms. In that there will also be events on stage and a range of different workshops planned, there is sure to be something for everybody to enjoy!

*For more details, please refer to the following website.
■FLOWER DREAM in TOKYO 2017 at Tokyo Big Sight (in Japanese only)