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Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Library Relocated and Reopened!

© Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Library

The Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Library, a place known for its magazine and children’s book collections, has relocated to Kokubunji City. In offering its services on an even grander scale, it opened its doors on January 29th!

Tama Library takes great pride in its “Tokyo Magazine Bank,” a wide-ranging collection that includes everything from weekly issues through to academic journals. With approximately 17,000 titles on call, the collection is one of the largest holdings of its type in Japan retained by a public library. Within the Tokyo Magazine Bank, there are also roughly 6,600 “first-publication collections.” These are series that retain all the issues of certain magazines back to their inception. The library also has an extensive collection of approximately 220,000 books, etc., which are suited to younger readers, from infants through to adolescents. Thus, it also offers a friendly library atmosphere in which reading is promoted among children and the young.

With its relocation, Tama Library’s reading areas have increased in size. Visitors can now freely browse the latest editions of roughly 6,000 magazines, along with the back numbers of each title for the past one year. Additionally, some 81,500 children’s books have similarly been placed on the shelves given the greater space available. With its extended open hours on weekdays to 9:00 p.m., and its new café, etc., Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Library has become even more accessible.

Tama Library also boasts a collection of roughly 1,400 magazines in 12 different foreign languages. Of these, the latest editions of roughly 400 titles can be found in the reading areas along with their back numbers for the past one year. Additionally, there are appoximately 25,000 children’s books available in some 60 different languages, and library users are asked to make sure to avail themselves of them.

On February 19th (Sunday), in conjunction with the Kokubunji International Association, the Japanese Language Regional Cooperation Liaison Committee will be holding a symposium at the Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Library entitled “World Literary Culture, One Book that I Like.” At the event, in both English and Japanese, a number of people from around the world will discuss particular books they like. Participants at the symposium will then be given the opportunity to split into smaller groups in order to further discuss literary culture. The organizers would love for the symposium to be an opportunity for people to think about how the normal lives of people are depicted in literature, and for them to discover the emotions of the human condition. Participants who are accompanied by children will also be warmly received. There will also be English interpreters on hand. Those who are interested in participating are encouraged to apply as set out below. We hope to see you at Tama Library.

Date & Time: February 19th (Sunday); 14:00 - 16:00
Place: 2nd Floor Seminar Room, Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Library
Participants: Limited to 100 people (accompanying children most welcome)
Fee: Free of charge
Applications/Inquiries: Secretariat, Kokubunji International Association
(Tel: 042-325-3661, Email:
Tokyo Metropolitan Libraries Website: