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Helpline for Foreign Residents



From 12:00 midday until 5:00 p.m. on the 21st and 22nd of January (Saturday and Sunday), a free-of-charge helpline will be in action for the benefit of foreign residents. Lawyers and counselors will be manning the phones, and in addition to Japanese and English, interpretation services in Chinese, Tagalog and Nepalese will also be available.
The group responsible for setting up this helpline is the ASIAN PEOPLE’S FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY (APFS), a specified nonprofit corporation which for over 29 years has been helping foreign residents in Japan. During that time, APFS has carried out a wide range of activities for the purpose of realizing a society in which both foreign and Japanese residents living in local communities can live side-by-side and help one another.

As to the content of the telephone calls that can be made to the helpline, staff will be on hand and will be more than willing to discuss topics such as concerns regarding visa status, the non-payment of wages, employment dismissals, discrimination in the workplace, and domestic violence, etc. Please be assured that callers will be able to share topics with staff on the helpline with peace-of-mind, even if the content of what callers wish to discuss is “something that it is difficult to talk with others about.” If you know of any foreign residents around you who have matters about which they are frustrated, please make sure to tell them about the existence of the helpline.

If callers are willing to open up and discuss those matters that concern them, it might well be the case that they receive some valuable advice or that they discover a means by which to resolve their troubles. In order to enjoy a refreshing feeling in 2017, we would ask that any person who feel weighed down with concerns make an effort to call the helpline for foreign residents.

*For further details, please refer to the following website.
■ Helpline for Foreign Residents