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Tokyo Christmas Market 2016

© Tokyo Christmas Market 2016

© Tokyo Christmas Market 2016 Organizing Committee

Picture a fairytale-like illumination, resplendent with Christmas decorations, toys and baked sweets, etc., all of which have been beautifully arranged. Next, imagine the steam that arises from mugs of mulled wine offered by small stalls. In recent years, as events that offer visitors the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of a genuine European winter tradition, “Christmas markets” have come to be held at numerous locations throughout Japan.

On this occasion, we would like to introduce the “Tokyo Christmas Market” as one such event. When it was held for the first time last year, as a space that successfully recreated a European Christmas tradition in Tokyo’s Hibiya Park, over 15 days the event proved very popular in attracting more than 200,000 visitors. Now in its second year, the Tokyo Christmas Market 2016 will take place for 10 days from December 16th (Fri.) until December 25th. (Sun.). In following on from last year’s success, the symbol of this year’s market that will warmly welcome visitors will once again be a 14-meter high Christmas pyramid built in the German village of Seifen, a community renowned for its manufactures of Christmas ornaments.

© Tokyo Christmas Market 2016 Organizing Committee © Tokyo Christmas Market 2016 Organizing Committee

© Tokyo Christmas Market 2016 Organizing Committee

What is more, in the areas adjacent to Hibiya Park’s famous fountain, in building on last year’s Christmas market, this year there will be a selection of more than 30 stalls on hand to add further flavor to proceedings. In addition to eateries where visitors can enjoy both mulled wine served in unique mugs and traditional baked sweets, there will also be a range of other stalls selling items ranging from nutcracker dolls to Christmas ornaments, etc. There will even be live performances put on by a German orchestra and workshops where visitors can try their hand at making candles and snow domes. Open each day from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., you can also be able to enjoy the illumination after dark. This year, what about experiencing a “Christmas market” along with your family and friends, a traditional European festival whose roots stretch back to the Middle Ages. It will be an event that is sure to leave you with some wonderful memories!

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