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Exposition of priceless cel anime production materials!

A exposition of priceless “cel anime” production materials will be presented at the “Tokyo Anime Center” in Akihabara!
Cel anime is a technique of drawing characters on transparent sheets called “cels”, placing these cels over a painted background and then taking photographs of each frame using a camera. This was at one time the principal technique used in the production of commercial animation in Japan. Though this technique waned, due to the wave of digitization which began during the decade of the 1990’s and the end of celluloid fabrication, cel anime produced using cels meticulously drawn one frame at a time continues to capture the fascination of many aficionados.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has undertaken the “Anime Archives Project” to preserve cel anime materials in controlled environmental conditions and make them available as a touristic resource. In this fiscal year an exhibition of these preserved priceless artifacts was organized in September, and will also be on display to anime fans, tourists, and people of the region in November.

© Tezuka Productions・SPEJ



© Tezuka Productions・SPEJ

Character setting


“Mobile Police PATLABOR” (OVA)

On display will be rarely seen production materials such as proposals, scripts, storyboards, character settings, cel sheets, etc., from anime works such as “Astro Boy” and “Mobile Police PATLABOR”. Some of the material is reproduced giving visitors the chance to see and handle them up close. Additionally, visitors to the Experience Corner can use Tablet devices to view anime original drawings in movement.

The exhibition begins Tuesday, November 22, and ends Sunday, December 4, 2016 (closed on Monday, November 28) and is located in the “Tokyo Anime Center with Aru Aru City Exposition Corner” on the fourth floor of the Akihabara UDX building. In addition to fans of classical anime, we invite all who are interested to the exhibition to view production materials of cel anime that once sustained Japanese animation.

© Kosuke Fujishima•Kodansha/Bokuto Station Traffic Control Department

© Mitsuo Iso / Tokuma Shoten・DENNOH COIL PRODUCTION COMMITTEE / E-SAKUGA © onebilling Inc

“You’re Under Arrest: Full Throttle”
©Kosuke Fujishima•Kodansha/Bokuto Station Traffic Control Department

© Mitsuo Iso/Tokuma Shoten・DENNOH COIL
© onebilling Inc

*Further details can be found at the following website:
■Tokyo Metropolitan Government Official Website (in Japanese only)