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The Stockpile Caravan – Make a “Daily Stockpile” Now!

© Tokyo Metropolitan Government

© Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Nobody can predict when or in what form natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, etc., may impact our daily lives. So that the city’s citizens may continue to live at home after the occurrence of natural disasters, at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the “Citizens Stockpiling Promotion Project” is being conducted. It is a program that encourages people to buy slightly more of the foodstuffs and other products that they consume everyday, the aim being for each individual household to develop its own “Daily Stockpile” of essential items.

As part of the “Citizens Stockpiling Promotion Project,” what was commenced in July of this year was the “Stockpile Caravan,” as series of mini events whose purpose is to both develop people’s understanding of the “Daily Stockpile” concept, and to also encourage them to stockpile for themselves. In addition to offering disaster-preparedness workshops on themes such as how to best stockpile items and how to assemble portable toilets, the events held by the Stockpile Caravan include introductions of cooking recipes that make use of commonly-stockpiled food items, quiz corners, and other enjoyable activities that are aimed to make people more familiar with those skills that they may require if the unexpected were to occur.

The Stockpile Caravan will continue on its merry way until January of next year, with events being held at various locations including shopping malls, etc., throughout Tokyo. Such events shall offer an enjoyable opportunity to learn about the important issue of preparing your home for the unexpected. When the caravan passes your way, please make sure to come along and visit!

*Further details can be found on the following website.
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