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This summer, at the “KITTE” commerical building in Tokyo’s Marunouchi, a real sumo ring will appear that visitors can look at and touch. Moreover, a hands-on sumo event called “HAKKIYOI-KITTE” shall be held!

From the Mountain Day public holiday on August 11th (Thur.) through to August 28th (Sun.), in addition to a variety of unique sumo-themed attractions such as the “Sumotori Camera” where visitors can take photos of themselves as rikishi, and the “Challenge! Shikoryoku Sokutei” which will measure how far visitors can raise their legs and stamp their feet like wrestlers , etc., there are also plans for children’s workshops where kids can create original paper sumo postcards as well as opportunities for them to try their hand at chibikko sumo (sumo for kids) where they will get to complete with oyakata (stablemasters) and current wrestlers.

Furthermore, at the Osumo KITTE Basho tournament on the final day, there will be appearances made by current makunouchi (top division) wrestlers including yokozuna grand champions! From close up, visitors will get to see the power of sumo that is normally witnessed at Ryogoku Kokugikan, with demonstrations of a grand champion’s ring-entering ceremony and the putting on of the tsuna. Furthermore, with a talk show featuring current wrestlers and displays of wrestlers’ hair being dressed, visitors will have the opportunity to see a side of sumo not normally witnessed!


Sumo is a Japanese national pastime, and this event will give visitors the opportunity to witness its attractions at first-hand, it being a tradition that in recent years has gained many fans, including among non-Japanese and women. During your summer holiday, what about coming along as a family or joining with other visitors to Tokyo so as to witness this popular event?

*Details may be found at the following website.
■HAKKIYOI-KITTE (in Japanese only)