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International Museum Day and Ueno Museum Weeks

© Ueno Museum Weeks Implementing Organizations Coalition

© Ueno Museum Weeks Implementing
Organizations Coalition

May 18th marks “International Museum Day,” a date established by the Paris-based International Committee of Museums (ICOM) in recognition of such institutions. In order to make themselves more accessible to greater numbers of people, and to have their role within society more widely understood, numerous museums worldwide shall be conducting special events in recognition of International Museum Day. In Tokyo’s Ueno District as well, where many cultural facilities such as museums and art galleries, etc., are located, around May 18th each year, numerous commemorative events take place as part of the “Ueno Museum Weeks.”

During the Ueno Museum Weeks that are scheduled this year to be held from May 7th (Sunday) through to May 22nd (Sunday), on May 18th (Wednesday), visitors shall receive free admission to many institutions including the Tokyo National Museum, the National Museum of Nature and Science, and the National Museum of Western Art. Moreover, in addition to the lectures, guided tours and concerts that are scheduled to take place at various institutions, some art galleries will be giving their visitors wonderful presents, such original goods being distributed strictly on a first-come, first-served basis! Additionally, a joint event shall be held by the Ueno Norenkai, an organization comprised of roughly 80 local businesses. As part of that event, many big things have been planned in conjunction with various cultural institutions. For example, there will be a lottery where visitors can win prizes in the form of museum tickets. There will also be discounts offered on certain services when ticket stubs are displayed. Furthermore, there will be a written composition contest and guided tours complete with kimono classes offered to foreign exchange students (to be held on June 4th, advanced bookings shall be necessary). For details about all this and more, please make sure to check out the official Ueno Museum Weeks website.

What about utilizing this wonderful opportunity to visit Ueno’s museums so as to fully enjoy the numerous high-quality and diverse exhibitions that shall encompass a plethora of cultural, artistic, scientific and historic topics? In doing so, you might even discover a new attractiveness in Ueno, a place known for both its “history and culture.”

*Please check out the following website for details.
■UENO MUSEUM WEEKS 2016 (in Japanese only)