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Accepting Volunteers for the Ohanami and Golden Week Clean Campaigns 2016

©NPO iPledge

©NPO iPledge・Trash Zero Navigation

Spring is here! It is the time of year when everybody wants to hook up with family members, friends or even work colleagues so as to fully enjoy ohanami and a range of other outdoor leisure pursuits! However, while experiencing such opportunities, we all need to be conscious that a huge volume of trash is generated at popular ohanami and leisure spots. Thus, in this edition of One Point, we would like to introduce the volunteer opportunities related to “the Ohanami and Golden Week Clean Campaigns 2016” which are being conducted at public parks throughout the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.

This clean campaign is part of the “Trash Zero Navigation” initiative undertaken by iPledge, a well-known nonprofit organization. Focusing on the participation of young people and students, etc., as a group iPledge plans and implements environmental response activities that it undertakes at outdoor festivals and music events, etc. The key to “Trash Zero Navigation” is not just picking up trash so as to make parks clean and beautiful, rather the initiative hopes to encourage park users themselves so that they carry their own trash and deposit it in trash receptacles at the designated collection points. Trash Zero volunteers are stationed behind these receptacles, and while encouraging people to separate their own trash, they also distribute trash bags. By having these volunteers “navigate” in assisting the park users to correctly separate out their own trash, iPledge hopes to increase the environmental consciousness of as many individuals as possible and to also offer park users an opportunity to get involved in environmental issues themselves.

©NPO iPledge ©NPO iPledge

©NPO iPledge・Trash Zero Navigation

The clean campaign on this occasion will be held on weekends and public holidays at popular ohanami destinations such as Yoyogi Park, Hikarigaoka Park and Zenpukujigawa Park. Furthermore, during Golden Week as well, the campaign will also be undertaken at Yoyogi Park and Kasai Rinkai Park. People who are interested in volunteering to help can do so for even just one day. Moreover, volunteers will be able to pick the park to which they are assigned. What about using a holiday during the spring period to help out with this worthy cause? Those who are interested can sign up using the entry sheet found on the following website.

Ohanami- Golden Week Clean Campaign 2016 Japanese only)