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Disaster Preparedness Exhibition 2016- Marking 5 Years since the Great East Japan Earthquake: Do It Now, Prepare to Reduce Disasters -

©Tokyo Metropolitan Government

©Tokyo Metropolitan Government

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government holds a disaster preparedness exhibition annually. It does so to showcase disaster preparedness information which may prove to be of value in the making of preparations, and at the same time it also introduces the latest measures it is undertaking to reduce the impact of disasters. This year as well, which in fact represents the fifth anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, so that memories of that disaster do not fade away with the passage of time, Tokyo is holding its Disaster Preparedness Exhibition 2016, the aim of this event being to deepen citizens' understanding of the issues of "Self-Help" and "Mutual Assistance."

The Disaster Preparedness Exhibition 2016 shall be held in two areas, in a ward area and also in the Tama area on Tokyo's outskirts. The location for the ward area will be the event corner of the plaza at the western exit of Shinjuku Station (March 11th to 13th, 2016). In addition to displays of disaster preparedness equipment and products, a hands-on experience corner, and consultations being offered with regard to the seismic evaluation and strengthening of homes, there will be an earthquake simulation vehicle on-site which will allow visitors to experience earthquakes of up to 7 on the Japanese seismic intensity scale, and there are also plans for a disaster preparedness quiz and stamp rally which the whole family can enjoy. Meanwhile, for the event to be held in the Tama area, the exhibition will take place at the Midori Bunka Center at Showa Kinen Park (March 1st to 6th, 2016). Furthermore, in both the ward and Tama areas, while the exhibitions take place, there will be lectures and seminars conducted on the themes of disaster preparedness and disaster reduction. Note, however, that participation in these events shall require applications in advance. As such, interested parties are advised to confirm the details on the website listed below, and to apply as quickly as possible.

At the exhibitions in both areas this year, there will be displays of photographs, footage and materials from the Great East Japan Earthquake. Moreover, at the plaza at the western exit of Shinjuku Station, it is also planned that there will be a display of souvenirs from Tohoku and some promotional activities with regard to tourism in the region. So as not to forget past disasters, and also to prepare for future ones such as the possibility of an earthquake occurring directly beneath the Tokyo metropolitan area, what about coming along to this disaster preparedness exhibition with your family or friends? It should also be noted that "Bosai-kun," the official character of the "Tokyo Bosai" (the Disaster Preparedness Tokyo Handbook), will also be appearing on some days.

*Please see the following website for further details.
■Disaster Preparedness Exhibition 2016 (in Japanese only)