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Tokyo Performing Arts Festival 2016

©Tokyo Performing Arts Festival

©Tokyo Performing Arts Festival

Have you heard of the “Tokyo Performing Arts Festival,” an artistic spectacle that brings so much color to the city in the new year? From January to March annually, at this festival that was originally conceived in 1968 as a cultural project by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, you can enjoy a wonderful variety of different events drawn from various genres, the performances taking place at theaters and halls throughout the metropolitan area.

At the 48th installment of the festival this financial year as well, from January 8th through until March 23rd, 2016, the plan is to hold performances of selected works drawn from 11 different genres (orchestral music, chamber music, opera, contemporary theater, ballet, contemporary dance, Japanese traditional music, Japanese traditional dance, Noh, variety hall entertainments and folkloric performing arts). In line with the festival’s objective of offering as many citizens as possible opportunities to both promote a wide range of artistic pursuits and to also have close contact with the arts, you can fully enjoy a great variety of artistic performances at very reasonable admisssion prices. Furthermore, in addition to being able to watch free variety hall entertainments and folkloric performances put on by citizens’ groups (*some of which shall require advanced reservations), as is the case every year, there will also be campaign offering complimentary tickets to certain festival performances!

©Tokyo Performing Arts Festival ©Tokyo Performing Arts Festival

The Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra in concert during the Orchestra Series 46th Tokyo Arts Performing Festival 2015 (L), and a performance of the Tokiwazu Nagauta (Meoto Dojoji) from the 58th season of performances put on by the Japan Classical Dance Association (R).
©Tokyo Performing Arts Festival

For information concerning performances involved in the festival, in addition to the Official Tokyo Performing Arts Festival website, as time passes information shall be updated on the websites of the participating groups. Please note that tickets are already on sale for certain performances. Thus, make sure to check the available information in detail. Depending on the performance, venues such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan and the New National Theatre, Tokyo, etc., shall be used. We hope that both people who relish the performing arts and those with an interest but with few chances to see performances take this opportunity to experience the great variety of what is on offer.

*Please see the following website for further details.
■Tokyo Performing Arts Festival (in Japanese only)
Organizer:TOKYO METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT / Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
Duration: January 8th (Fri.) to March 23rd (Wed.), 2016.