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“View Cherry Blossoms in the Museum” at the Tokyo National Museum

©Tokyo National Museum

Spring Museum Garden Opening
©Tokyo National Museum

Ueno Park is famous for its cherry blossoms; however, did you know that within the same park you can also enjoy the beautiful cherry trees found in the gardens of the Tokyo National Museum? On the northern side of the museum’s Honkan (Japanese Gallery) there are extensive gardens planted with 10 different species of cherry tree. These trees blossom one after another in spring each year. In taking a great pride in its Japanese gardens, the museum opens them up to the general public for a limited period, and visitors can leisurely stroll through them while admiring the accent that is offered by the beautiful blossoming cherry trees. This year, the springtime opening of the museum gardens will be from March 17 (Tues.) until April 19 (Sun.). It is also planned that the gardens will be lit up on March 27 (Friday) and April 3 (Friday).

In conjunction with the opening of the gardens, from March 17th (Tue.) until April 12 (Sun.), the museum will hold its annual “View Cherry Blossoms in the Museum” exhibition. It will place on display a number of famous works and well-known treasures such as folding screens, etc., these being either decorated with cherry blossoms or using the cherry blossom as a motif. Thus, it shall also be possible to fully enjoy cherry blossoms within the museum’s galleries. Furthermore, an extensive range of other events is also planned that includes gallery talks that will describe the works on display, a cherry blossom-themed painting workshop, haiku poetry gatherings and concerts, etc. There will also be a “cherry blossom stamp rally” in which visitors who visit the different galleries will be encouraged to collect the stamps they find there. Those visitors who complete the stamp rally will receive a present. In addition to admiring the beauty of the cherry blossoms in the surrounding gardens, please come and experience those cherry blossoms that can only be witnessed in the museum by taking your time and truly appreciating the works on display.

©Tokyo National Museum

Merrymaking under Blossom Trees,
By Kano Naganobu, Edo period,
17th century, National Treasure
©Tokyo National Museum

*Please see the following link for more details:

Museum Garden Opening (spring)
Dates: March 17 (Tue.) -April 19, 2015 (Sun.)
Times: 10:00 -16:00 *March 27 and April 5, open until 19:30

“View Cherry Blossoms in the Museum”
Dates: March 17, 2015 (Tue.) – April 12 (Sun.)