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Nihonbashi Edomae Cultural Experience Monitor Tour

© Nihonbashi Edomae

© Nihonbashi Edomae
Cultural Experience
Monitor Tour Office

There are a wide variety of initiatives being undertaken to disseminate Japan’s culture to the world as Tokyo prepares to host the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. On this ocasion, we would like to introduce one of these initiatives, the “Nihonbashi Edomae Cultural Experience Monitor Tour”. This event plans to convey to non-Japanese the attractions of Tokyo’s Nihonbashi, somewhere where tradition and modernity go hand-in-hand. Nihonbashi has also been an area of commercial and cultural significance since the Edo Period.

The tour participants will be accompanied by a veteran bilingual tour guide. Using a specially-created English version of “Nihonbashi karuta” cards that highlight the area’s extensive history and culture, participants will enjoy a number of pursuits unique to Nihonbashi. The participants will also see ukiyoe prints first-hand, and enjoy other activities such as the shaving of dried bonito flakes and the tasting of toasted seaweed laver, etc.

The tour will take place on four days: January 31, February 9, February 20 and February 25. Persons eligible to participate shall be foreign nationals capable of understanding English. They shall also be aged 18 years old or more. Participation in the tour is free, however, participant numbers will be limited to 25 individuals on each day. As such, interested parties are advised to apply at the earliest opportunity.

© Nihonbashi

English version of “Nihonbashi karuta”
© Nihonbashi Edomae Cultural
Experience Monitor Tour Office

Nihonbashi Edomae Cultural Experience Monitor Tour
Dates and Times:

  • January 31 (Sat.), February 9 (Mon.), February 20 (Fri.) and February 25 (Wed.)
  • From 12:00 midday to 5:00 PM each day.
  • Limited to 25 individuals each day (advanced bookings are necessary, places filled on a first-come, first-served basis).
  • Note that bookings may be refused once the required numbers have been reached.
  • Note that as of January 30, both January 31 (Sat.) and February 9 (Mon.) are fully booked.
For more information please see the following: (in Japanese only)