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Guidance for High School Entrance for Students and Guardians of Non-Japanese Speakers

©Tokyo Guidance

©Tokyo Guidance

Every year, due to factors such as international marriages and the circumstances of parental employment, etc., there are increasing numbers of children coming to Japan from overseas. However, for children possessing foreign roots, advancing to a Japanese senior high school can represent a significant challenge. It can be difficult to master the Japanese language while undertaking academic studies, and it is said that successful advancement to a senior high school among such students is less than 50%. Furthermore, in that the parents of such children often also don't understand Japanese, they can experience difficulty in appreciating the importance that is placed on successful advancement to senior high school. It can also be difficult for them to obtain information on the Japanese education system.

However, there are multilingual senior high school guidance sessions available for parents and students whose native language is not Japanese. Accompanied by multilingual interpreters, participants in these sessions can learn the nature of Japanese senior high schools and receive explanations of what is required to obtain admission to them. They can also hear the experiences of students who have successfully advanced to senior high school, as well as receiving educational consultations regarding academic subjects and Japanese language support when necessary.

進学ガイダンスのガイドブック。 ©Tokyo Guidance

The School Advancement Guidance Guidebook
Side-by-side translations of Japanese have been prepared in Chinese, Korean, English, Tagalog, Spanish, Thai, Nepalese and Myanmarese.
©Tokyo Guidance

The program of guidance sessions was commenced in Tokyo in 2001 through the cooperation of volunteer groups and senior high school teachers. Now, through the creation of the "School Advancement Guidance Implementation Committee" formed by various Tokyo groups, there are a total of six guidance sessions held from the end of June through October each year. The first guidance session for FY2014 is planned for June 22nd (Sunday). For more information concerning the content of the day and arranging interpreters, interested parties are asked to contact the Multicultural Center Tokyo, the NPO organizers of the event.

Guidance for High School Entrance for Students and Guardians of Non-Japanese Speakers (Information Session and Educational Consultations)
■Date/Time: June 22nd (Sun.), 2014, 13:00 – 16:30
■Venue: Classroom 5104, Building No. 5, Hakusan Campus, Toyo University (5-28-20 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku) 
■Participation Fee: ¥300 (for materials, per family)
■Interpretation Services: Interpretation in five languages shall be available on the day (English, Chinese, Tagalog, Thai and Nepali).
(Please note that interpretation services in other languages may be possible. Please inquire regarding other languages by June 13th.)
■Organizer: Multicultural Center Tokyo (MCT) (TEL 03-6807-7937) (in Japanese only)

*Concerning the holding of the FY2014 guidance session series, it is planned that information will be uploaded to the following website as it becomes available.
Guidance for High School Entrance for Students and Guardians of Non-Japanese Speakers (in Tokyo)