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Share your WOW! -Japan Photo Contest- / Japan Tourism Agency

We'd like to promote the safety and security of Japan to people all over the world. We'd like people to know more about the charms of Japan. And, we'd like more people to visit Japan. The Japan Tourism Agency has created a campaign called Share your WOW! -Japan Photo Contest- to spread the charms, safety and security of Japan through word of mouth to people around the world. This campaign is a photo contest that features photographs taken by foreign tourists in Japan, which can be accessed through its campaign website as well as Facebook and Sina Weibo. Uploaded photos can be shared via these sites by the uploader to their friends across the globe.

The six themes of the posts are "Cool!", "Delicious!", "Happy!"," Beautiful!", "Funny!", and "Miracle!" Posted photos are rated through the WOW! button and those who have uploaded excellent photos will be invited to the awarding ceremony here in Japan on March 15th.

Share your WOW! -Japan Photo Contest-

The highest prize is the WOW! Prize and the one who get it is eligible to win a "1-day Lord of Tsuruga-jo Castle experience" in SAMURAI CITY Aizu Wakamatsu! Winners of the Individual Theme Prizes are eligible for other premium prizes. The winner of the Beautiful! prize can experience the "Kamakura tour with Miss Japan", while the winner of the Funny! prize has a chance to enjoy a "1-day Ninja experience in Edo Wonderland". Also, 9 picture uploaders from the Tohoku and Kitakanto area will each receive speciality products crafted in their respective region.

Although the Share your WOW! -Japan Photo Contest- is geared towards tourists, entries from foreigners living in Japan are also welcomed. This campaign will run from September 1st, 2012 until February 15th, 2013. Many pictures have already been posted on the campaign website, so please take a peek, it's overflowing with Japan's charm!

■Campaign Website