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Love Cake Project/World Vision Japan

World Vision Japan

©World Vision Japan

Have you ever seen a cake sold with one slice already missing? What does the missing piece signify? The NGO, World Vision Japan, runs a Christmas campaign called the Love Cake Project. The Love Cakes, as they're called, are made by patisseries who are involved in this project.
World Vision Japan (WVJ) is an international NGO that sets out to help children in poverty and hardship. In 2009, WVJ started the Love Cake Project to support these children with the help of those who purchase these cakes. The Love Cakes are sold at the price of a whole cake by participating bakeries, who then donate the money from the missing slice to support programs aimed at feeding children in Kenya.

The Love Cakes are the result of the desire to help children around the world from not only the people who buy the cakes, but also the patisseries that make them, and others involved in the project. In 2011, 93 shops around Japan became involved. Together, they sold 1,089 cakes and raised nearly ¥500,000. The missing piece carries a message of love and understanding for the children of the world. This Christmas, won't you and your loved ones gather around the cake and send your thoughts and prayers to the children of the world? For more information about participating bakeries, please visit the link below.

World Vision Japan Love Cake Project

(in Japanese)

Love Cake from AU BON VIEUX TEMPS( Oyamadai, Tokyo)

Au Bon Viex Temps from Oyamadai, Tokyo's
Love Cake, entitled Valley of Strawberries.
©World Vision Japan