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World Fair Trade Day 2012

Designated on the second Saturday of May, World Fair Trade Day is an annual global event supported by about 450 fair trade organizations and producer groups from 75 member countries of World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) to appeal together for public awareness about the significance of fair trade.

Fair trade is a trading system that facilitates purchases of products that “are friendly to both producers and environment” at prices fair to the producers. In today’s consumer market where better products at cheaper prices are sought after, bitter realities exist behind such trade practice, including long hours of work that is poorly compensated and damage to the environment. Fair trade aims to create opportunities of fairly-paid work for socially and economically marginalized people, including women and small farmers in the third world countries, in supporting these people to independently improve the quality of their living and to establish a sustainable production without hurting the environment. By choosing fair trade products at a store, from coffee to chocolate to clothes to many other items, consumers can support the fair trade movement and also take part in a global effort to solve such issues as poverty and environmental destruction.

For the year 2012, World Fair Trade Day happens on May 12, marking its 11th year as a worldwide event. In Japan, fair trade organizations People Tree/Global Village will work together with other fair trade support groups and run a “Support Fair Trade” campaign. The main event, “World Fair Trade Day 2012,” is held in two parts. The first part of the event takes place at the JICA Global Plaza in Hiroo and will include symposiums and a charity fair trade market. The second part of the event moves its location to a nearby event facility and presents a fashion show by People Tree, a live music concert, and more. Many other World Fair Trade Day events are held throughout Japan in May, which is the World Fair Trade Month. Information about these events is available at the World Fair Trade Day official website below. Mark your calendar and visit one of the events to support and learn more about fair trade!

World Fair Trade Day 2012 official website (in Japanese only)