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My rule; my reason Essay Contest:
Japan Committee Vaccines for the World's Children

A World of 7 Billion People and 7 Billion Actions

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It is our natural desire to help someone in need or do something good for others. And each person should have their own reason and motivation to becoming active in supporting charities, including money donations. The Japan Committee "Vaccines for the World's Children" (JCV), a nonprofit organization who has been delivering vaccines to children in developing countries for seventeen years, is currently calling for entries of essays by those who would like to share their personal experiences and thoughts about the way they support charities.

Founded in 1994, JCV is the only nonprofit organization in Japan who has been operating solely for providing vaccinations and related supplies to children in developing countries. In cooperation with the United Nations agencies as well as governments of recipient countries, the organization has been sending vaccines to children in Myanmar, Laos, Bhutan, and Vanuatu. Some of you may have come to know the name of JCV through Tsuyoshi Wada, a pitcher of the professional baseball team Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS. Wada has been a leading supporter of the JCV's activities by setting his own "rule" for donating, which is to send ten vaccines for each pitch.

©JCV All rights reserved

Marking its fourth year, the "My rule; my reason" essay contest is widely open to those who have been actively supporting any charities through making donations. The contest aims to provide a place where people can review and share their insight in their own words about what brought them to take part in the charities and what keeps motivating them to make donations. You may write about what types of donations you have made, why you chose such donation programs, and any changes you felt after making donations. Anyone who has their own rules of donations as unique as Wada is also welcome to enter the contest. Entries may be submitted through the contest official website or by mail until December 15, 2011. No limitation to ages and sexes. The contest winners will receive the "My rule award," which is an overseas trip to a recipient site of the JCV's program, or the "One and only lesson in the world award," which will be given by each of the seven judges of the contest. For more information, visit the contest official website (in Japanese only).

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