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A World of 7 Billion People and 7 Billion Actions

A World of 7 Billion People and 7 Billion Actions

Did you know that the world population reaches seven billion on October 31 this year? To mark this important day of "7 billion people," the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has been operating a variety of events and projects around the world. As part of this effort, the UNFPA Tokyo Office is running a campaign, called "A World of 7 Billion People and 7 Billion Actions."

The campaign aims to inspire people to consider what actions they can take to achieve a world where all seven billion people, including women, men, and children, can live healthy lives and receive equal opportunities. Supporters for the campaign are called to join making a "7 Billion Actions" statement to take actions towards the resolution of a number of global issues that our world of 7 billion people is facing, including world poverty, expanding inequality, food and water shortage, gender issues, climate changes, environmental destruction, and society that is unprecedentedly aging and urbanizing. It is very important for each of us as individuals to pay more attention to these problems and take concrete action to make our world better.

The action statement will be accepted until December 31 this year. It can be started from a small action, such as buying a fair trade product, making a donation, saving energy use, greeting neighbors with good cheer, and so on. Our everyday positive action can make an important first step towards overcoming world challenges. Action statements and reports can be registered at the campaign website, where visitors can also learn about seven goals related to the "world of 7 billion people" campaign and trivia quizzes related to these goals.

Visit the campaign official website today! Japanese only)