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STAND UP TAKE ACTION 2011 Let's stand up to bring world poverty to an end!

Image provided by Ugoku/Ugokasu

Some of you may have already heard of MDGs, an abbreviation that stands for the Millennium Development Goals, established in 2000 following the United Nations Millennium Summit. They are considered common goals for the international society and aim to reduce global poverty in half by 2015 with mutual cooperation between industrialized nations and developing countries.

Launched in 2006, STAND UP TAKE ACTION is a global campaign whose goal is to deliver a strong message to world leaders to work toward the achievement of the MDGs by standing up and showing our will and support to stop world poverty. The campaign takes place annually on or near World Poverty Day (October 17) with participation of people around the world. Over 170 million people participated in the campaign in 2009. In its fifth year in 2010, the campaign has spread to 74 countries worldwide, including Japan where the action took place in all 47 prefectures.

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Image provided by Ugoku/Ugokasu

To participate in the campaign, you and your group are asked to take a simple STAND UP action by declaring your support to realize the world without poverty and standing up together. You can take this action with anyone at any locations such as school, office, home, or park. For this year, the official STAND UP action period is set from October 1 (Sat.) through 17 (Mon.). On October 15 (Sat.), a parade is scheduled to take place in Tokyo as a main event of the campaign this year.

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Image provided by Ugoku/Ugokasu

We have received and have been touched by enormous support and encouraging messages from around the world, including many developing countries, after the Great East Japan Earthquake hit our country in March this year. If you appreciate such a global connection, it may be the time for you to join the movement to change the world together. With only four more years left to achieve the MDGs, the campaign welcomes anyone who is willing to stand up to flee the world from poverty. For details, please visit the campaign official website from the link below.

STAND UP TAKE ACTION official website Japanese)