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KIZUNA Campaign: Messages from the World sponsored by UNESCO

UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) is conducting a campaign that calls for the world to send "cheer-up" support messages to children impacted by the Great East Japan Earthquake. In this campaign called "KIZUNA"—the Japanese word meaning "solidarity" or "close ties or bonds"—school children from around the world send postcards with their drawings and messages of hope to afflicted Japanese children, in order to convey their affection to their Japanese friends. UNESCO hopes this campaign will build new ties between children or teachers in Japan and other countries, which will give them opportunities to exchange letters in the future.

The postcards sent by children worldwide first arrive at the Sendai UNESCO Association, a member of the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan (NFUAJ (*1)). The postcards are then translated into Japanese in cooperation with students of three universities located near Sendai, and finally the cards are delivered to the schools attended by the impacted children. Since the campaign launched in April, the Sendai UNESCO Association has received colorful, unique messages from both domestic and international children. The messages will be accepted until July 31. Why don't you join in, and send a postcard?

For details about the campaign, please check the following:
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In addition, the NFUAJ has been raising "Relief funds for children affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake." This earthquake disaster caused serious damage even to schools, where the next generation is nurtured and developed, and thus their educational environment is undergoing a major crisis. To ensure a better educational environment for children in the disaster areas, NFUAJ has supported schools in disaster areas by raising these "Relief funds for children." For detailed information, please visit the Website of NFUAJ.

National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan:

(*1) NFUAJ is a non-government organization (NGO) whose activities are based on the principles of the UNESCO Charter with the aim of creating a peaceful society.