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Earth Day Tokyo 2011
Take action to protect our earth!

Earth Day was first founded in the United States in 1970 as then U.S. senator G. Nelson announced his idea of establishing April 22 as a national day for promoting environmental protection. Denis Hayes, who was a graduate student and the president of the student body at Stanford University, was recruited to lead the movement. Hayes called students and citizens nationwide to organize rallies and events for environmental protection, and it is believed that over 20 million people joined and took action for the initial Earth Day.
Since then, while it gains global recognition as a day when one declares support for protecting global environment in one's desired way, Earth Day spread from the U.S. to the world including Japan, where a variety of events are held nationwide today.

Since 2001, Earth Day Tokyo has been held at Yoyogi Park and has grown into the largest annual environmental event in Japan. A number of organizations and citizen groups join this annual event to set up a table and make presentations to introduce their activities. The event attracts many visitors from youth to families every year. Last year, which was also the 10th anniversary year of the event, the event recorded the largest number of participants with about 424 groups as exhibitors and about 135,000 people as visitors.

For the year 2011, the Earth Day event takes place on April 23 (Sat.) and 24 (Sun.) at Yoyogi Park and other locations. According to the year's theme, "A Global Festival of Love and Peace," the event presents Earth Day Kitchen featuring a variety of food booths, NPO Village, Earth Day Concert by artists who support the movement, and many other programs. Commemorating the year 2011 as the International Year of Forest as designated by the United Nations, the event also includes a new presentation titled Earth Day Forest to introduce visitors to the situation surrounding forests in Japan while inspiring them for their possible actions to protect the nation's forests.

Earth Day Tokyo 2011 invites anyone who would like to educate oneself about global environment in a fun way. For details, visit the Earth Day Tokyo 2011 official website.